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Auditions and read-through for Perfect Murder

We will soon be holding our auditions for our October play, Perfect Murder (Play details on our Future Productions page). Before the auditions, there is a read-through of the play on Tuesday 24th July at 7.30 in The Studio in Toft House. Auditions will then be held on Wednesday 1st August at 7.30 (please arrive earlier to fill out your audition form) and Sunday 5th August 2-4 (again, please arrive earlier). Auditions are workshop style, so you will be there for around 2 hours, but you only need to attend on of the auditions.

You don't need to attend the read-through to audition, but it will give you a chance to look through the script.

Rehearsals will generally be Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sundays 2-6.

The characters of Joan and Don will also need to be available to film a couple of the scenes (dates to be arranged)

Character details are at the bottom of this page.


To see our 2018 season plays, please see our future productions page.


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Perfect Murder characters

All physical character traits are an ideal, but please don't rule yourself out if you don't exactly fit them.

Both couples (Victor, Kamila, Joan and Don) have to be comfortable with a bedroom scene. Not actual sex but kissing and rolling around. These couples need to look like they are having affairs.


Victor Smiley ( 40/50s) - Good range of emotions. Needs to strip on stage down to underwear. He’s a bit of an old fuddy. Needs to be picked up by Don and Joan.
Kamila Walcak ( 20s) - Eastern European prostitute. Needs a good accent but it doesn't amtter which part of Eastern Europe. Needs to be seen in her underwear at the beginning.
Joan Smiley (40/50s) - Younger than her husband. Excellent range of emotion. Needs to be seen in her underwear. Will be needed for the filming work.
Detective Constable Roy Grace (20/30s)
Don Kirk ( 30/40s) - The lover. Ideally, a 'body beautiful'. Works out and is muscular, in total contrast to Victor. Needs to be seen in underwear. Also needed for the filming scene.


The stripping scene and lack of clothes add tremendously to the piece, BUT if this is a deal breaker for you, it won't count you out of the role. Please discuss with the director, Wendie Middleton, at the read through or auditions or email MLT and we will pass on your query to her.



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