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Our next play for our 2017 season will be Nicola Boyce's stage adaptation of Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White. To see the rest of the season please see our future productions page.


Auditions for The Woman in White will be held on Monday 27th February and Thursday 2nd March from 7.30pm in Toft House. You only need to attend one evening and you don't need to prepare anything for the audition. For a synopsis of the play and character breakdown, please see the bottom of the page. For more details please email


We have a singing for pleasure group in our Studio on Wednesdays. Check out the Studio page for more details.


We have a number of gigs coming up in our Studio. Check out the Studio page for more details.


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The Woman in White

On a moonlit road in Hampstead, Walter is accosted by a mysterious Woman in White who has evidently escaped from a local asylum and who has a deadly secret to reveal. Walter is on his way to the Lake District to take up an appointment as Drawing Master to Laura Fairlie and her half-sister Marian Halcombe. Love blossoms between Walter and Laura until her uncle Frederick Fairlie, her guardian following the death of her father, tells her that Sir Percival will shortly be arriving to fix the date of their marriage, an arrangement made by her father. The Woman in White warns against the marriage but it nevertheless takes place and it is not long before Sir Percival’s intentions towards his wife and her fortune become clear. Walter and Maria fearing the worst for Laura, do what they can to deliver her from Sir Percival’s clutches and unravel the mystery surrounding him, his connection with The Woman in White and the enigmatic Count Fosco.



Walter Hartright (Late 20s-early thirties) – A young teacher of drawing; something of an ‘everyman’ character, and distinguished by a strong sense of justice. He effectively becomes the dashing hero of the piece.

Frederick Fairlie (55 upwards) – A wealthy, hypochondriac, wheel-chair bound, art loving land-owner: the uncle and guardian of Laura Fairlie, distinguished principally by his mock-politeness toward all other characters and utter self-centeredness.

Laura Fairlie (Early 20s) (doubled with Anne Catherick) – Mr. Fairlie's gentle, guileless, pretty niece: an heiress and an orphan, obedient to her late father’s wishes in marrying Sir Percival Glyde. After Act 1 she is referred as Lady Glyde.

Marian Halcombe (Mid – Late 20s) – Laura's elder half-sister and companion; not attractive but intelligent and resourceful. Something of the heroine in the piece – would have achieved much more if she hadn’t become sick.

Anne Catherick ("The Woman in White") (doubled with Laura) – An eccentric young woman distinguished by her insistence on white clothes; an illegitimate daughter of Laura's father. Seems distracted and likes to give the impression of knowing more than she actually does.

Mr Vincent Gilmore (40s or 50s) – Lawyer to the Fairlies and a close friend to Laura. Sympathetic to her cause. Cooperates with Walter and Marian.

Sir Percival Glyde, Baronet (45) – Laura's fiancé (her late father’s wish) and then husband; able to appear charming and gracious when he wishes but often abrasive and downright nasty. One of the villains of the piece.

Count Fosco – Sir Percival's closest friend. An obese Italian with a mysterious past: eccentric, bombastic, urbane but intelligent and menacing. He keeps canaries and mice as pets. The Count greatly admires Marian for her intellect.

Professor Pesca (Late 30s up) – A teacher of Italian and a good friend of Walter. The professor finds Walter the Limmeridge job, introducing him to Laura and Marian and proves, unexpectedly, to be Fosco's nemesis. Light hearted but with a darker side.

Mrs Michelson (50s upward). Ancient retainer in the Fairlie household. Moves to Blackwater Park with Laura after her marriage to Sir Percival.

Louis (Mid 20s up) – Footman to Frederick Fairlie – non-speaking role. Possibly double with Professor Pesca.

Mr Brookes (40s up) – Asylum Owner. A kindly and concerned man, seeming to have the best interests of his patients at heart, in keeping with best medical practice and knowledge of the day.

Nurse (20s) – Nurse at the Asylum where Laura is held. Simple soul, helpful to Marian, particularly when money is mention.

Usherette (20s) - Usherette at the Covent Garden Opera House – an unscripted part (probably double with the Nurse)

Mr Merryman (40s or 50s) – Lawyer to Sir Percival. Sympathetic to his cause. Typical lawyer.


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